Futureboy Wavo goes all in!

Song title: All In

      Michael Espaillat is an unsigned Floridian  native who prefers the label Futureboy Wavo. He is a human with a flickering ambition to spread the eminence of developing a hyper-focused attitude to one’s own personal visions. It is clearly a way of demonstrating to his audience the techniques used by him to signal the nearing angst, and how to beat it. To Wavo, this is his passage for overcoming the common issues that many of us feel- and he wants you to do a similar thing.

      The forthcoming release titled “All In” reanimates the burning emotions after an unordinarily intense burnout from a 9 to 5. The purpose of his latest single is literally to express these particular feelings in a way that resonates with someone who takes interest in believing that a job will never save them. From the young entrepreneurs that consistently show forth their efforts, to even the people afflicted with anxiety and other mental health disorders– It takes a great deal of commitment to build enough self-inflicted courage to make changes in our lives and Wavo would like to make clear that these communities are not alone in their struggles. He believes that anybody can, from time to time, be affected by unexpected situations that arise in his or her lifetime and it is perfectly okay to have and be able to share your feelings with someone. “What would you do in your situation?” is a question that some people will ask. This question should be internalized and directed. What do you want and what would you do in your situation? Answer those easy questions and you already have some limelight of your path outlined for you.

   This song goes in depth of the hassle that we have to deal with called ‘Life’, “…and Life is what you make of it. So get up, go out, and do something. You only have one life, live it the way you want to.”

Find him on Instagram! www.instagram.com/itswavo 

Listen to Futureboy Wavo on Spotify! https://open.spotify.com/artist/3EIiBgZXyK15NyyRxM5tuh?si=rLkLFAlpSoG8vuQZP5jwBQ






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