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  • Futureboy Wavo goes all in!

    Futureboy Wavo goes all in!

    Song title: All In       Michael Espaillat is an unsigned Floridian  native who prefers the label Futureboy Wavo. He is a human with a flickering ambition to spread the eminence of developing a hyper-focused attitude to one’s own personal visions. It is clearly a way of demonstrating to his audience the techniques used by him to…

  • “Lemon Stand”

    “Lemon Stand”

    FUTUREBOY WAVO October 10th, 2022 – Michael Lorenzo Espaillat is a 19 year old, multi-talented vocalist and rapper who dons the moniker of Futureboy Wavo. The enigma is at the fulcrum of an evolving hip-hop scene. Wavo is a very different and uniquely wired musician who isn’t afraid to break the rules and push the…